I am a level II reiki practitioner, attuned by Reiki Master Maui Villapando. I am also in the process of learning to read tarot.


I believe firmly in the idea of spiritual activism, and that in any politics of liberation, we have to decolonize, heal, and liberate our individual minds, bodies, and souls—our whole, integrated selves—as part of the work of resistance to institutionalized violence and injustice. In this world, when people of color survive and thrive, when we are resilient in the face of the dehumanization we live through daily, these are acts of pure magic. I see political consciousness as inseparable from spiritual consciousness and from the evolution of our deepest selves. I came to my work as a healer through my politics, but also because I learned to hone my empath and lightworker gifts, which used to frequently put me in positions of attracting and carrying others' pain and suffering. It has been a journey for me to arrive at a place where I can use my sensitivity and intuitive nature for good, and I am finally beginning to do this work on a more public/collective level. I hope to live out my role of wounded healer in the world, and share the lessons I have learned about inner transformation, healing, and ascension with others. I am also co-founder of the NYC POC Healing Circle, along with Maui Villapando, and we meet every few weeks. Please contact me if you would like to join an upcoming circle.

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